• many + s
  • much no s


access to sth

  • Access to the exercise room is include with your stay

not far from: 不远处

  • Not far from the train station lies Starlight Park, which is a popular destination for tourists and locals alike.

the lightest one

  • Ultrora Action’s T-Pro tennis shoe is the lightest one one the market right now.

be satisfied with sb/sth

  • If you are not satisfied with your Electoshine toothbrush, you may return it for a full refund.

into the end of = at the end of

  • 15Q114: DG Feed Supply had shown strong growth heading into the end of the fiscal year.

17Q128: be + asked + to

  • Those who wish to volunteer at the annual Sebastian Park flower-planting event this Saturdat are asked to arrive early.

eligible + to / for V

  • After a six-month probationary period, city employees are elibible to take vacation days.
  • 11Q111: Children under five years of age are eligible for free vision tests.

because of + n

  • Parking on Dahakno Street will be prohibited for the next few days befause of emergency repairs to water lines.

from around the world 来自世界各地的

  • Boyd Street Market is Mapleton’s largest retailer of foods from around the world.

be pleased to: glad to do sth

  • Riversedge City is pleasure to announce new monthly parking discounts for tis residents.

equipped with

  • The corporate fitness center is equipped with fourteen stationary bicycles.

a shipping date for sth

  • The chefs are still waiting for a shipping for the new convection oven that was ordered two weeks age.

a considerable upturn: 大幅好转、可观的回升

  • Altona Printing is expecting a considerable upturn in holiday card orders in the next few weeks.


比较级 & 最高级


  1. 表示程度的(more most much very)都为副词
  2. 比较级:more / more + adj + than + sth
  3. 最高级:most / the most / the best + adj + sth
  4. 特殊:much more adv than
    • 17Q109: The building’s new ventilation system circulates heat much more evenly than before.
  5. the best之后必定放adj
    • 13Q119: Mr. Wijaua is reviewing the resumes to select the candidate best qualified for the position.


  • 形容词比较级:(无动词,一般情况)
    • The Ford Group’s proposed advertising compaign is by far the most innovative we have seen so far.
    • Prethart Tool Company has created a more powerful drill than its previous models.
  • 副词比较级:(副词的比较级一样要遵守修饰动词的原则)
    • Techniques help people think more creatively.
    • The team’s contributions to the Ripton Group’s marketing plan were very favorably acknowledged.
  • 没有more也没有most的情况:(回归词性原则)
    • 13Q104: The commercial for Zhou’s Cafe’ was easily Sunn Agency’s best advertisment of the year.


  • 11Q128
  • 12Q107
  • 13Q104
  • 13Q107
  • 14Q105
  • 14Q117




  • 看到 冠詞(a/an/the) + ___ + 介係詞 的形式時,選擇名詞
  • 及物動詞後面,選擇名詞
  • 熟悉 名詞+名詞 的模式,第一個名詞當作adj,修飾第二個名詞
  • 選項中剩兩個名詞時,選擇 語意較通順

双名词:→ 组成名词词组,整体视作名词,所以依据前后词性判断(礼物店 != 礼物的店)

  • gift shop / coffee shop
  • Dr.Braun will write recommendation letter only for interns who master every task expected of a junior copy editor.
  • the recent initiative to
  • Ashburn Bank’s online service has been in tht demand lateness.

a/an/the + n (单词或是短语) + of –> 中间名词看起来都是单名词或是形容词+名词

  • The director has requested a comparison of the costs of sth
  • The expansion of the Kawagoe factory has had a significant impact on Inagi technology employees’ productivity.
  • The chefs are still waiting for a shipping date for the new convectionn oven that was ordered two weeks ago.
  • Professor Phuong will go over the use of the laboratory instruments with the interns next week.

’s 之后

  • Mr.s Ruotolo’s presentation on the new tax changes is scheduled for 10:00 A.M.


  • Ms. Wong has expressed interest in leading the city’s planned beautification project.


  • be similar to + n
    • Although the new X150 printer is similar to other models, it costs only half as much.
  • serve as + n
    • This letter serves as confirmation that we have received and processed your credit-card cancellation.
  • its + n
    • The Brownsville Homeless Shelter has helped thousands of people since its creation last year.

形容词 -> 表示状态


  • adj+er
  • adj+est
  • most
  • any


  • 看到 冠詞(a/an/the) + ___ + 名詞 的形式時,填入形容詞的可能性很高
  • 看到 be動詞+___ 的形式時,填入形容詞的可能性很高
  • 熟悉 動名詞+名詞 的名詞詞組模式
  • 介係詞to的後面 ,選擇動名詞
  • become的后面,选择adj
  • 名词或是名词短语的前面,选择adj

形容詞與副詞都是修飾語,形容詞是用來修飾「名詞」或「代名詞」;而副詞則是用來修飾「動詞」、「形容詞」或其他「副詞」。 這些修飾語可有可無, 拿掉修飾語並不影響句子結構的正確性;然而少了修飾語,卻會削弱語文表達的能力。


  • Lasner Electronics’ staff have extensive knowledge of current hardware systems.
  • World Fish Supply delivers the freshest fish possible thanks to innovative preservation and shipping methods.
  • BYF Company specializes in personalized promotional items to help companies advertise their brand.

be动词 + 形容词:

  • In light of our recent expansion, it will be necessary to hire another administrative assistant by June 1.
  • The new location of the Bentler Company is easily accessible by car or bus.
  • Even though Smithton Electronics’ second quarter was not profitable, the company plans to invest large sums on research.
  • The second-generation XR1280 unit is equal to its predecessor, except for tis reduced weight.


  • 12Q119: THe rear entrance to RC Bank will be closed for repairs and not accessible next Monday. (and连接对等,故依据will be判断)
  • Everyone at the annual Tirnaco exposition seemed excited by the new products on display.

副词 -> 表示程度


  • 句型的構成要素具備時,選擇副詞
  • 助動詞和動詞之間,選擇副詞
  • be動詞和過去分詞之間,選擇副詞
  • 修飾形容詞的位置,選擇副詞

形容詞與副詞都是修飾語,形容詞是用來修飾「名詞」或「代名詞」;而副詞則是用來修飾「動詞」、「形容詞」或其他「副詞」。 這些修飾語可有可無, 拿掉修飾語並不影響句子結構的正確性;然而少了修飾語,卻會削弱語文表達的能力。


  • approved in a suprisingly short time
  • The clerk said that roughtly fifteen customers had been waiting outside the store for it to open.
  • 15 Q122: Ms. Taniguchi’s supervisor commended her for negotiating effectively with Furuyama Corporation.

be动词 + 副词 + 形容词(短语)

  • The initial response to the beta version of the software allows us to be fairly optimistic about future product sales.
  • The conclusions from our analysis turned out to be directly applicable to the budget problem.
  • Sidewalks in the town of Newburgh are generally one meter wild.


  • Mr. Ashburton has been highly recommended by all of his references.
  • With the Gema XTI binoculars, users can easily see objects that are more than 100 meters away.
  • Ben sanders innovatively desiigned the suitcase to fold up easily for compact storage.
  • The dinging room furniture was left intentionally in the house because the new owner bought it.

be动词 + 副词 + 名词

  • a file was clearly success
  • Even the ECO had to admit that Prasma Designs’ win was partly the result of fortunate timing.

be动词 + 副词 + 动词

  • If you have recently purchased a digital camera and want to learn how to use it, this course is for you.
  • 11Q118: Proceeds from the sale of Delcrest Corporation were equally divided among the founder’s three daughters.

be动词 + 副词 + 动名词:

  • At Correia Electronics, we are continually researching appliance technology.
  • Roxy Koenig is actively seeking a new venue for her summer concert



  • 15Q111: Companies without informaation technology specialists can rely on Vyber Software Advisers for assistance with online services.
  • 12Q117: Viewers can easily relate to the main character in the popular television series Autumn Mystery.


  • 可以在此笔记搜寻 “be “ 查看例句


对等单词链接:and, but, or, so, nor, for(因为用法,非介词用法), yet, then

对等多词链接:both … and … / either … or … / neither … nor … / not only … but also …

名词从属链接:that, if, whether, when, where, why, how


  • 表示时间:when, while, before, after, as, till, since
  • 表示地点:where, wherever
  • 表示原因:because, as, since
  • 表示状态:as(如同), like, in the (same) way
  • 表示目的:so that, in order to
  • 表示结果:so … that
  • 表示条件:if, unless (only if)
  • 表示虽然:although, though, while
  • 表示比较:than, as…as, the…the

Ref: [常考重點整理] 連接詞 conjunction @ GreenHill 英文app :: 痞客邦 ::

代名词 pron

their, theirs

  1. their是形容词性物主代词,必须用来修饰名词,即their的后面必须接名词。
  2. theirs是名词性物主代词,相当于“their+名词”结构,所以后面不能再接名词。

Ref: their和theirs的意思有什么不同吗?具体用法有什么区别啊_百度知道

16Q111: According to the structure “by + reflexive pronoun”.

  • Kespi Brand cookies, delicious by themselves, are even better when paired with a glass of milk.

13Q125: Local merchants are hopeful that if this new business succeeds, theirs will also benefit.

介词 prep


Ref: Prepositions - Grammar - Academic Guides at Walden University


  • in / on / at
  • of
    • in spite of
    • because of
    • regardless of
  • to
    • due to
    • according to
    • in addition to
  • for
    • except for
  • place, time and range:
  • others:
    • before
    • after
    • during
    • despite v.s. although -> conj
    • from
    • by

Ref: Preposition List | Grammar | EnglishClub

in, on, at

-> 自己的理解筆記:大内上地 + 外周时

  1. 地點:
    • in:山城車內
    • on:街區樓車
    • at:精確地址
  2. 時間:
    • in:除上述外
    • on:精確到這週(on weekend)、這星期(on Friday)、有指定日期(Apr 4th)
    • at:精確到小時、時間
  3. 如有有地点 + 时间,先以地点判断(at the natural history conference tomorrow)
  4. for + 一段时间
    • 16Q102: AGU Group’s insurance rates have remained steady for the last three years.
    • 14Q104: Every attorney at the firm of Duncan and Hulce has practived law for more than ten years.

Ref: Everyday Grammar: In, On, and At