Compare between Web Server and Application Server

In fact, this is Religious War: different between web server and app server.

Web Server Application
protocol HTTP not limited to HTTP
static or dynamic static dynamic
main job handle web requests (http) in charge of the logic

For example:

  • Web Server:
    • Apache HTTP Server
    • Nginx
  • Application Server:
    • Apache Tomcat
    • Oracle WebLogic Server
    • JBoss (now WildFly)
    • GlassFish



web container:

servlet container = web container <= web server != application server

Tomcat is Web Server or Application Server?

如果依照上面第一個的結論, tomcat應該歸類在app server,這是以功能為分類依據(因為可以運行應用程序服務器),當然也有人認為應該算是web server,因為tomcat沒有嚴格符合J2EE標準規範(無法部署ear文件)

不過這篇對於tomcat server有更清楚的論述:


Going by the above-mentioned details, it follows that strictly speaking Tomcat should be referred to as Tomcat web server or a JavaServer/Servlet container since there are certain conditions and services of a commercial JEE Application server that it doesn’t offer its users.

However, it does cover for these faults by including the most widely used services and supports add-ons as well as plug-ins which make server enhancement quite easy. The main advantage of this server, therefore, lies in its architecture which allows users to leave out what they don’t need, use what they need and install what they may be lacking.

Because of this, Tomcat is often used as an application server for strictly web-based applications even though it doesn’t include the entire suite of capabilities that a standard Java EE application would have on offer.

通过上述细节,可以得出结论,严格来说,Tomcat应该被称为Tomcat Web服务器或JavaServer / Servlet容器,因为商业JEE应用服务器在某些条件和服务下没有为其用户提供服务。

但是,它通过包括使用最广泛的服务来覆盖这些故障,并支持使服务器增强非常容易的附加组件和插件。 因此,该服务器的主要优点在于其体系结构,该体系结构允许用户忽略不需要的内容,使用所需的内容并安装可能缺少的内容。

因此,Tomcat通常被用作严格基于Web的应用程序的应用程序服务器,尽管它不包括标准Java EE应用程序所提供的全部功能。

Whichever the case, the truth though is that even though Tomcat cannot be technically defined as an application server, it is continuously and successfully being used as an application server for millions of mission-critical applications on a daily basis. The jury is still out there.

无论哪种情况,事实是,即使从技术上不能将Tomcat定义为应用程序服务器,它仍每天被连续且成功地用作数百万个 关键任务应用程序的应用程序服务器。陪审团还在那里。

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